LESHA Now Performing As ALICIA AND THE CREATURES - Friday Feb 28th, 2014
As a nick name, people know me as Lesha. And although this has made for an easy stage name, I've stepped into using my full name Alicia and felt that this would be a lot more fun to play on in a stage name/band name. And as I've also changed my direction musically, I am now performing as Alicia and the Creatures. :)
I have a whole new website and social media pages, and I would love for you to check it out!

web: http://www.aliciaandthecreatures.com

facebook: http://www.facebook.com/aliciacreatures

twitter: http://www.twitter.com/aliciacreatures

instagram: http://www.instagram.com/alicia_pavlis


So I'm experimenting with self made music videos. It's lots of fun.
Here's is a teaser for Helplessly. It's an older track, yes, but it's perfect for experimental purposes. It also gives me an excuse to get arty. hehe.


ACOUSTIC MUSIC VIDEO  - Friday May 17th, 2013
Sweet Inside - Acoustic

- Sunday April 14th, 2013
Gotye Parody: Somebody That I'll Never Know featuring Dima Shafro & Lesha Pavlis

Huge congratulations to Brooke Huuskes who had a brilliant idea for a great cause! Our film won 1st prize last night!
It's a great feeling to be able to work on a project such as this with a group of good friends and have it reach so many people!
FilmLife is a short film competition to raise awareness about organ and tissue donation.
Brooke came to me looking for a singer, and to record a music track and film a music video based on Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know". I jumped on board as the "Kimbra" character and recruited my good friend Dima Shafro as the "Gotye" character. We recorded the parody of the song at my home studio and had it mixed by another friend, Tom Fitzgerald.
Brooke being the director, was on the lookout for a DOP to actually film the video, I knew that another talented friend of mine, Christopher Kosmer, with great skills in film production would be perfect for the filming aspect of the project and to also assist Brooke with producing the film. Chris also took care of post production and editing of the footage.

Christopher Kosmer: www.kontinuummedia.com.au

Check out Dima Shafro's band Grand Cru on Facebook 

NEW WEBPAGE  - Friday March 8th, 2013
Welcome to my new webpage! :)
It's a little bit quirky, like me!